SVG to PNG Image Generator

30th August 2014

Update 17. September 2014: iOS 8 Settings

All App developers have the same problem: multiple sizes for their App icons. In addition to that, the sizes changes from time to time, t oreflect the new screen sizes and/or resulution update to ultra-super-mega-high-extended-retina quality.

I for my part solved it this way:
1. Usage of a vector image file format, in my case SVG.
2. Design the icons with Inkscape (there are others).
3. Built this generator, to give me all required files at once.
4. Being happy about the fast result.

So, why SVG?
It's a free format which is XML-based. So it can be edited with (open-source-)tools oder with a simple text editor. Like a XML file, it can also be generated very easy (e.g. dynamic texts, sizes or objects).

Are there any rules? Yes!

1. It must be a real and valid SVG file. Else don't expect a result.

2. The generator has limited upscaling capabilities. It means your SVG file should contain an equal or higher resolution document settings as the result. For example, if you want a 1024 x 1024px result, the file dimension schould be at least this:

<svg width="1024" height="1024">
<!-- your image content -->

3. If you just want to try it out, here is an example file (dots.svg), which you can upload.

4. Depending on the load of the system and the complexity of the image, it might take a few minutes.

5. No guarantee it will work with your file, but feel free to contact me. Maybe you simply found a bug.

File upload and Parameters

Choose a SVG file (mandatory):

Choose PNG format(s) (mandatory):

1024 x 1024 px (App Store icon, required)

180 x 180 px (App icon, required for iPhone 6)

120 x 120 px (App icon, required for iPhone)

152 x 152 px (App icon, required for iPad)

80 x 80 px (Spotlight search results icon, recommended)

40 x 40 px (Spotlight search results icon, recommended)

87 x 87 px (Settings icon, recommended)

58 x 58 px (Settings icon, recommended)

29 x 29 px (Settings icon, recommended)

66 x 66 px (Toolbar and navigation bar icon, optional)

44 x 44 px (Toolbar and navigation bar icon, optional)

22 x 22 px (Toolbar and navigation bar icon, optional)

75 x 75 px (Tab bar icon, optional)

50 x 50 px (Tab bar icon, optional)

Choose a file name prefix (optional):


Example: myCoolAppName_1024px.png

Only A-Z, a-z, 0-9, "-", ".", and "_" allowed, if less then 3 characters or invalid input a file name prefix will be generated.