Autor des Weblogs Titel des Weblogs urn:uuid:60a76c80-d399-11d9-b93C-0003939e0af6 2003-12-14T10:20:09Z Links to remember 2019-08-05T08:31:22Z A collection of links for developers of java, c#, objective-c, html, css, javascript, jquery, xml, json, python, perl and whatever. SVG to PNG Image Generator 2019-08-05T08:31:22Z All App developers have the same problem: multiple sizes for their App icons. In addition to that, the sizes changes from time to time, t oreflect the new screen sizes and/or resulution update to ultra-super-mega-high-extended-retina quality. Coordinate Finder 2019-08-05T08:31:22Z Find your location details with code examples for Javascript and Xcode. Javascript Keyboard Interaction 2019-08-05T08:31:22Z Sometimes you want to interact with a website by keyboard. Some built-in command like 'tab' jumps from input field to input field. Test your jQuery browser compatibility 2019-08-05T08:31:22Z A simple test framework for testing the basic jQuery functionalities in your browser. Online Color Picker 2019-08-05T08:31:22Z Choose text and background colors, especially while seeing how they work together. Password Generator 2019-08-05T08:31:22Z Simple and powerful password generator with custom settings. It can be also used as a webservice.