IT | DEV | STUFF en IT Brauerei 2024-07-17T10:04:53Z Links to remember A collection of links for developers of java, c#, objective-c, html, css, javascript, jquery, xml, json, python, perl and whatever. SVG to PNG Image Generator All App developers have the same problem: multiple sizes for their App icons. In addition to that, the sizes changes from time to time, t oreflect the new screen sizes and/or resulution update to ultra-super-mega-high-extended-retina quality. Coordinate Finder Find your location details with code examples for Javascript and Xcode. Javascript Keyboard Interaction Sometimes you want to interact with a website by keyboard. Some built-in command like 'tab' jumps from input field to input field. Test your jQuery browser compatibility A simple test framework for testing the basic jQuery functionalities in your browser. Online Color Picker Choose text and background colors, especially while seeing how they work together. Password Generator Simple and powerful password generator with custom settings. It can be also used as a webservice.