QR Code Generator

7th September 2014

QR Codes are quite handy. Scan with your Phone or App and get the data, like promotional urls, gift codes, contact informations or Wifi settings.

You can simply generate QR codes with this generator. Choose between three modes: URL, vCard and Wifi.

The QR codes can be downloaded as PNG of different sizes, SVG and EPS for further usage (e.g. print). The contact data can additionally be downloaded as vCard (e.g. mail attachment or import to address book).

Enter a URL (e.g. website or App Store)


Contact informations (all fields are optional)

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Wifi Access

Authentication type
Password or pre-shared key
Hidden Wifi

Size of the QR code:
The final size in pixels depends on the length of the content and the ECC level.

The error checking and correction (ECC) level reflects the ability to get the informations, even when the conditions of photography aren't good.